Eyelands 9 ISSC – Results

We are glad to announce the results of Eyelands.gr & Strange Days Books 9th short story contest (international section). Theme: Round Midnight. Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis.
First prize: A week’s holiday in the island of Crete.
Prize stories will be  published in two different anthologies (Greek and English).  All the stories of the shortlist will be published in November 2019 in a special English edition, released also  through amazon.com & strange days books.

cropped-eyelands-1.jpgGRAND PRIZE

 Marvin Baxter’s Background Music – Javi Reddy

South Africa


(by submission order)

Midnight shadows -David McVey

United Kingdom

At Last, Goodbye -Wendy Craig

New Zealand

The Banshee’s Sister –  E. F. S. Byrne


Crying all the way to the bank – Karen Keeley



(by submission order)

Belonging – Judith Diamond.


One shot – David Butler


Memories always start around midnight – Suzanne Elvidge

United Kingdom
Huggas -Mark Perfect

United Kingdom

Red Beauty or simply Dear – Christina Demertsidou

Hunter– Mariam Syrengelas


Bouzouki Magic,” – Diane R. Ransdell


5 2 12 –  Charles Osborne,

United Kingdom
The black wedding dress – Ilona krueger

The Midnight Show – Charles Venable


Rick, the Drummer is No More – Alan Kennedy


On the Lookout for Bo – Kimberly Stammen


Katy’s Penance –  David Mackinnon

United Kingdom

Undisclosed Desires – Efi P.


Blue Moon – Rae Whitney


When the bikers blow into town –  Regi Claire

United Kingdom


Congratulations to all!!




Eyelands gr. & Strange Days Books are glad to announce the EYELANDS BOOK AWARDS 2019!!

ΕΒΑ -τετραγωνο

Grand prize (published books): Five-day holiday in Athens plus a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and publication (excerpts) online on our website.
Grand prize (unpublished books): Translation into Greek and publication from Strange Days Books
Six more prizes one for each category of every section also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
Certification document for every prize.
Final results are to be announced on December 20th 2019

Award Ceremony: May, 2020
Place: Athens, Greece

Judges: Andriana Minou (poetry, children’s books, graphic novels), Gregory Papadoyiannis (novels, novellas, historical fiction), Catherine McNamara (short stories)

Entry fee: $30 (27 euros)
Early bird submissions: $ 22 (20 euros)



Early Bird Submission
1/ Early bird submissions till  31 of August
2/ Early bird discount till 20 October for Writers who have already submitted stories in our contests in 2018-2019 or participated in our 3 Rock Writers’ Residency Program and for all the finalist of Eyelands Book Awards 2018!

3/ Early bird discount till 20 October for Writers who will send their book/manuscript by snail mail
All books will be placed at Three Rock’s Library

New categories
Historical Fiction / Memoir
Children’s Books / Graphic Novels

The unpublished book grand prize winner to be translated and published in Greek
Grand prize winners will be the judges for next year’s Eyelands Books Awards 2020 in their prize category

Every prize winner is entitled to a 50% discount stipendium for our 3 Rock Writers’ Residency Program 2020 under the condition that they will send a proposal about a writing project by the end of March 2020.



Opening: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Closing: Sunday, October 20, 2019 at midnight PST.

Submit your book or manuscript online or via snail mail with early bird entry fee $22 or 20 euros

Eligible submissions include: poetry, novellas, short story collections, novels.

Multiple submissions allowed (with a separate fee for each submission).

Simultaneous submissions allowed, but please notify us if full manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Finalists for every category to be announced on November, 20, 2019

Final results are to be announced on December, 20, 2019.

There are no restrictions regarding nationality

Participants must be 18 years old otherwise we need parents’ consent to accept the submission.

Manuscripts must be written in English.

There is no restriction about the form or style of writing. We prefer the pages to be numbered. Files should be uploaded as an MS Word document or PDF. Fill the entry form, copy and paste it in the body of your email.

Submit your manuscript to:

eyelandsmag@gmail.com  [or]  strangedaysbooks@gmail.com

or send your book by post to:

Chimarras 6, 74100, Rethymno, Crete, Greece

After the end of the contest all your books will find a place at the library of Three Rock Studio – A writers’ resort in south Crete


Section: Published books

Grand Prize: A five-day holiday in Athens plus a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and publication (excerpts) online on our website. Eyelands cover all accommodation costs for the award winner. Air tickets not included. The author must agree to participate in the EBA ceremony (which will be held in Athens at the time of his/her holidays) and the related publicity (interviews e.t.c.).

There will be five finalists for each category.

Three more prizes one for each category also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards

Certification document for every prize.

Section: Unpublished books

Grand prize: Translation in Greek and Publication from Strange Days Books.

Five more prizes, one in each category, also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards

There will be five finalists for each category.

Certification document for every prize.

For each entry, submit the book, entry form, and  fee (via paypal). Registration will be confirmed via email. In December, all entrants will be notified of winners. Please fill in, copy and paste the entry form in the body of your email


Pay via paypal – See the banner on this website

Click the «buy now» button. Fill the description with: EBA

Entry fee: $30 (27 euros)

Early bird submissions: $ 22 (20 euros)

* After the payment is complete, you can send the email with your manuscript as an attachment and the entry form completed, copied and pasted in the body of your email

*An email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent within three/four days

* We do accept simultaneous submissions

* Every writer can submit more books with the early bird payment fee of $22 (or 20 euros) for every one of them

*There is no fee for the first prize winners of previous Eyelands international short story contests

*All books must have been published between September 20, 2016 and September 20, 2019.


ENTRY FORM (submit one entry form per book):

Book Title:






Publisher: (for published books only)


ISBN: (for published books only)



Contact Information







AWARD CATEGORIES (select one per entry application):

The following are eligible:

1/Full-length books of fiction (novels or novellas of any genre)

2/ Collections of short stories by one author

3/Collected and selected poems*

4/ Historical fiction – Memoir

5/ Children books – Graphic Novels       


*any book of poetry (up to 250 pages) written by a single author is eligible

EBA follows the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics.

If you have any questions, please contact us at
eyelandsmag@gmail.com  [or]  strangedaysbooks@gmail.com


See more at:









 Eyelands Magazine and Strange Days Books are thrilled to invite you to the 5th Sand Festival, which will take place at the beach of Possidi in Chalkidiki on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th of August.

We welcome submissions by poets and writers from anywhere in the world, who are willing to come to the Festival and read their texts on the sand. Poems must be maximum 2 (two) A4 pages long and fiction must be maximum 1500 words.

The theme this year is: “Suddenly, last summer”

Poem and short story submissions are open from 15/5 to 10/7. You may send your texts to either eyelandsmag@gmail.com  or strangedaysbooks@gmail.com . No Entry fee. Since your text will be selected  there is a 10 euros fee which will go towards the translation of the selected texts for publication into Greek payable via paypal (see the paypal button on our website https://sandfestival.wordpress.com/ ).

Results will be announced and selected writers will be notified by the 15th of July.

The maximum amount of texts we can accept (For the International Section) is 10 short stories and 10 poems. The selected texts will be published in a print edition in Greek by Strange Days Books; the book will be presented in Athens in November and later in Thessaloniki.

As in all previous festivals, invited writers and poets will be reading their work on the sand of a beautiful Greek beach. Participants will also have a chance to discuss with the audience and to participate in a writing workshop with writers whose books have been published by Strange Days Books.

However, Sand Festival is not just about literary discussions, readings and book presentations; it is also about music, photography, performances, beach parties or even gazing at the stars. This year, participants will also have the chance to take a tour at the lighthouse of Kassandra. And there will be more activities we will be announcing during the summer because, after all, we are the most spontaneous festival in the world!
This year we chose the beach of Possidi at the Kassandra peninsula in Chalkidiki. Possidi is located in very short distance from Thessaloniki (approx.  1 hour drive, with buses leaving frequently from Thessaloniki). It is a gorgeous sandy (of course) beach with a camping site, for which we will try to secure a special discounted price for festival participants. There are also plenty of rooms to rent in the area.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Chalkidiki!

Information about the area of Kassandra Hersonesus here: https://kassandra.gr/

Information about Kassandra’s Lighthouse (which will be our meeting point on Friday 23th, 17:00) http://www.faroi.com/en/kasandra.htm

Information about bus transportation from Thessaloniki to Chalkidiki here: http://www.ktel-chalkidikis.gr/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=1001

”Spring” Phenomenon! She is only 12 years old…

One of the highlights of Eyelands international 2nd flash fiction Competition (theme: Spring) was an extraordinary submission we received in the English-speaking section. Amongst the 25 stories that made it to the shortlist – with hundreds of entries – was the short story “The Sprite’s Dance” by Lyla Stenson from Ireland.

The extraordinary thing about this distinction lies at the age of the writer; she is only 12 years old! (she participated with the necessary consent of her parents of course). This is the first time a writer of such young age – a child – manages to enter the shortlist in an Eyelands contest. We had come accross an author of similar talent back in 2011, when 18-year-old Natasa Ali from Pakistan won a prize in our first international short story contest, but of course a distinction at the age of twelve is phenomenal – not only for our contest.


We asked Lyla’s parents to send us a few words about the young writer, as well as one of Lyla’s sketches and they responded kindly. So here are the words of Lyla’s parents, describing the 12 year old author who literally brought Spring to our contest and gave us one more reason to be glad that we gave the opportunity to a very young child from another country to keep dreaming …

Lyla is a very kind, thoughtful girl, with a natural curiosity to learn, she is the eldest of four, two sisters and one brother.

She attends a small school called Jonathan Swift National School and is in her final year of primary education.

She is excited about starting secondary school this September. Her favourite subjects are Art and English.

She loves to read and draw and carries a notebook with her most of the time.

She would love to one day have a book published.

When I told her she had been given a special distinction in the competition she was so delighted and was thrilled that her work had been chosen

Her inspiration for her story came from the seasons and nature. We live in the beautiful countryside of West Wicklow here in Ireland.

She was also inspired by a book called ‘The Wizard of Once’ by Cressida Cowell.

This was not her first story, she has written many short stories…the first at the age of five and a half.

She dreams of being a writer and is currently writing a series of novels.

This competition is only the second one she has entered.

Your acknowledgement of her story means so much and has given her confidence in her writing.

EYELANDS 2nd IFFC – Spring: The results

We announce the results of our second international flash fiction contest.
Theme: Spring

ανοιξη - για αφίσαFIRST PRIZE

The Reminiscence Society – Henry Dreelan


 PRIZES (by submission order)

Brigids Mantle – Joanne Burke

United Kingdom

Super Heroes-Janet Thomas


Two Young Hearts – Susanne Kirchner


 SPECIAL DISTINCTION (for writers U18)

The Sprite’s Dance – Lyla Stenson


SHORT LISTED STORIES (by submission order)

Spring – Francesca Zanoni


The Tulip Queen at Number 17 –Liz Gwinnell

United Kingdom

Red – Róisín Leggett Bohan


Equinox – Dreena Collins
United Kingdom

Bioluminiscencia – Alex Sinclair Lack

United Kingdom

A Dead Heat and Two Winner – Dean Gessie


Start of the Season-Denise Bayes


Clear Sighted -Val Ormrod

United Kingdom

Spring Enchanted- Zoe Rankin

New Zealand

Spring Incoming – Ana Paula Bottle Leon

U.K. /Mexico

Spring Magic – Nadee Gunasena


Rebirth – Sue Jeong,

New Zealand

Hebe’s Gift – Sam Watts


Spring – Nellie English 


A Fearful Symmetry -Brian MacReamoinn


Spring Cleaning -Laura Muetzelfeldt


Echos Below – Eve Moldovan


That Old Red Couch – Steve Scholz

United States

Homecoming – Luke Beling

South African/ USA

The picture of the Sheep – Charles Venable
United States

First prize: A week’s holiday at Three Rock Writers resort οn the island of Crete
Three prize winners: publication in anthology, handmade ceramic gift, certificate, complimentary copy of the anthology plus a week’s holiday at Three Rock Resort with a discount 50% off the regular cost (non obligatory).
Shortlisted stories: Publication in anthology
Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis

 All the shortlisted writers will also get a free copy of the book!   The book will be released through “Strange Days” publications and www.amazon.com  in October, 2019

The anthology includes the first prize story translated to Greek. All the shortlisted writers will have a special discount in case they will submit a book for the Eyelands Book Awards 2019 (25 instead of 35 $ / 22 instead of 30 euros)

Collaboration: Eyelands.gr (online literature magazine) & Strange Days Books (publishing firm)
Thank you all!



Round Midnight.jpgThe contest runs from March 20th through June 20th, 2019
The theme of the contest this year is «Round Midnight»
First prize: A week’s holiday on the island of Crete
First three winners’ stories published in two different anthologies (Greek and English).
All the stories of the shortlist will be published in a special English edition, released through amazon.com & strange days books.
Entry fee: 10 €
Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis



* Theme of the contest: Round Midnight

*Entries must be short stories, of any genre, and maximum length is 2,500 words and must be previously unpublished in a book, printed magazine or web-based journal. Entries must be in English.

* The contest closes at midnight UTC on 20th of June

*This is an international contest. There is no restriction such as nationality etc of the author, but you have to be 18 years old on the 21st of March 2019 to enter the contest.

* No “eyelands” editor, judge, or relative of theirs, is allowed to enter.

* Entries must be submitted electronically (see below).

* Winners and the shortlist to be announced on September 10th, 2019

* Copyright of manuscripts remains to the author.

* In addition to the story being published on http://www.eyelands.gr, the author’s acceptance of the prize gives eyelands.gr the right to include the story in the anthology that will appear in book form. Entry grants permission to include the three prize winners and the shortlisted stories in the book which will be published and will be available from “Strange Days” publications.

* There is a limit for the stories to be published in the anthology: no more than 25. In case we receive more than 200 submissions, 12 more stories will be chosen and published online on eyelands.gr! Eyelands will feature one story every month, between November 2019 and November 2020

* There will be two collections of stories – one that will be published in Greek including the translated stories of the first three winners of the English Section and another one with all the shortlisted stories of the English Section.

All prize-winners and shortlisted writers have to renew their approval for the publishing of the anthology till the 1st of October, 2019.

*First prize winner will be the judge of next year’s 10th contest!

First prize is a week’s holiday on the island of Crete. Three Rock, (Triopetra beach, South Crete) is a studio for 2 people (with beds for two children also available). Air tickets not included. You can see more details here: http://three-rock.blogspot.gr/
& https://3rockstudio.wordpress.com/

First prize winner can choose his/her preferred week of stay in 2020 except for the dates between July 15th – August 30th. First prize winner have to decide about the dates of his/her staying till (at the latest) 10th of February 2020.

The three prize winners will also get a free copy of the book with the winning stories of our contest & certification document & a Greek handmade ceramic from the collection of Artifacts plus publication in the anthology of the shortlisted stories of the contest (Greek section), translated in Greek –and of course a free copy of this book too!

First prize winner’s ceramic is not only handmade but specially designed for the specific contest every year.

  • All the shortlisted stories will be published in the anthology. The book will be released through “Strange Days” publications and www.amazon.com in November, 2019. All the shortlisted writers will also get a free copy of the book! (We send the books to your address once. In case of return we can’t repeat it).
  • An interview with the first prize winner will also be featured in eyelands.gr
  • In case the first prize winner does not claim the prize of a week’s holiday in Crete or does not book a specific week for her/his holidays at Three Rock Studio till the end of the 10th of February next year, the second (and then the third) prize winner will be notified in order to take her/his place.

-First prize winner will be the judge of next year’s 10th contest!


NOTE: Free entry for the prizewinners writers of previous contests


Pay via paypal – See the banner in eyelands Home Page.

See also here: eyelands.gr

Click the «buy now» button. Fill the description with: EISSC

Entry fee is 10 euros

Τhere is also the option to make the entry payment via bank/wire transfer. If you choose this option please ask for further details

* After the payment is complete, you can send the e-mail with your story attached in word. doc /docx format to:





writing in the subject line: Eyelands Short Story Contest or just ΕSSC

*An email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent within three/four days after receiving your e-mail

*We don’t accept postal entries

* We do accept simultaneous submissions

* Every writer can submit more than one story as long as they pay the full entry fee for each story

* Name and address of the author should appear only in the body of the email

*The title of your story can be anything other than ‘’Round Midnight’’

*There is no entry fee for the prize winners of previous eyelands international short story contests


Τhree-Rock is a unique studio with a design that combines a touch from the ’60s with the current look and you can also find all the necessary amenities of a modern tourist accommodation. Designed to accommodate two to four people, the studio is one very large furnished room of 70 sq.m., (with a separate bathroom) with a lot of space which allows you to cook, dine, relax all day if you want and can simply and easily be tailored to your taste. The studio has a large terrace (about 25 square m.) at the front, facing the sea, and a back terrace facing east with a view to the hills. The distance from the beach is just 250 meters.

According to several guidebooks and websites, Triopetra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete -and Greece. But it remains a beach that is not known to many people. It has fans (from Greece and abroad) who visit it each year and their number is increasing steadily. Still, it remains a kind of unexplored paradise. Guests are able to enjoy a beach that is never crowded, even in the heart of summer, as the length of Triopetra beach is about two kilometers! The beach is named after the three rocks located at the eastern edge of the bay. In the same area, there is a cave, where there was probably a Sanctuary at the time of the Minoans. The opening of the cave resembles a dragon’s mouth and the arrangement of the rocks inspired the creation of various legends. In modern times, the beach, although reminiscent of an undiscovered paradise, has restaurants, a cafe and a beach bar as well as (free) umbrellas and lounges for those who prefer them. Triopetra beach is also known for yoga courses delivered during the summer months in the surrounding area.


20170914_140305Gregory Papadoyiannis graduated from the Law and Journalism Schools, studied cinema direction and worked at newspapers, magazines, radio and television, initially as a sports editor and later as a columnist and editor.  At the same time, he worked as a translator of literature books in collaboration with several publishing houses and translated books by William Faulkner, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London, Marc Twain etc. into Greek.

In 1991, he was awarded the national prize for young playwrights at the competition of the Ministry of Culture for his play The situations. He was awarded the second prize twice at the same competition, in 1995 and 1999. He has translated theatrical plays by authors such as David Mamet and Tennessee Williams for the purposes of performances in prestigious theatres of Athens. He has also worked as a director’s assistant at the National Theatre of Greece as well as the Theatre of Thessaly.

He has been involved with the cinema as well; as a director of two short films that were screened in Greek film festivals and as a script-writer for feature and short films. He has also worked as a script-writer and director’s assistant in several television series.

Gregory is a co-founder, administrator and writer for the books & cinema section of the website http://www.eyelands.gr .  He is the curator for the only Greece-based international short story competition, run by http://www.eyelands.gr . He also co-ordinates and leads a series of workshops on creative and collaborative writing all over Greece. After living in Athens for several years, he now lives in the island of Crete. He currently works as a translator and editor for Strange Days Books Publishing (www.strangedaysbooks.gr )



To the Almighty, hereunto, comic album, 1988

The Situations, play,  (Delfini editions, 1992)

The Philadelphus case, science fiction novelette (Plus One editions, 1999)

Sniff, novel, 2008 (first edition: Empiria Ekdotiki (2008) third edition: Strange Days Books 2014, fourth edition to be released in 2019)

The city beyond the river, short story collection, (Strange Days Books, 2015)

Ephemera, comic album, (Strange Days Books, 2016)
The Great Runaway, novelette, (Strange Days Books, 2018)



52 eyelands, a sentimental guide through the Greek islands (2013, Strange Days Books)

Greece: The child that never grew up, short story included in Stories for our Time, an Interactive Exhibition from LibArts London (London School of Liberal Arts, 1 May – 31 July 2013)

The city beyond the river, short story included in the anthology Future eyes of PaleHouse Magazine (2012, Los Angeles, California, http://www.palehouse.com/FE-GPapadoyiann.html ) . The short story The city beyond the river was shortlisted at the International Annual Fish Short Story Competition and was among the Highly Recommended at the Tom Howard Short Story Contest (2009).

The Whole Family, short story included in Jakes Monthly anthology of Magic Realism   In the Majestic’s nest, short story published in Foxing Quarterly (2013, print-only literary and arts journal published in Austin, Texas).

An excerpt from his novel “Sniff” was posted to the European Literature Network (June 2017)  http://www.eurolitnetwork.com/authors-pitch-sniff-by-gregory-papadoyannis/

His novel «The baby Jazz» released in USA from Fomite books in February 2017.

His comic album Ephemera/Life is short released in Greece on December, 2016. Two of the stories from the album published in Porcupine, an anthology of poetry, art, and short stories from 23 contributors across the globe, on November 2017.


English section










We are excited to announce the winners of our first…

Triopetra, the beachThree Rock Writers’ Resort Residency Program SPRING/SUMMER 2019



Catherine McNamara / Italy

Name of the project: The Carnal Fugues


(names by submission order)

1/ Jennifer Steil / USA
Name of the project: Erebo

2/ Suzanne Rancourt / United States
Name of the project: Old Stones, New Roads / Songs of the Hummingbird

3/Bernadette Russell /United Kingdom

Name of the project: Book of dreams

4/Geoffrey Edwards /Canada

Name of the project: These White Shadows

5/ Ollie Randall / United Kingdom

Name of the project: Terminal

6/ Elena Carapetis / Australia

Name of the project: 2020 STCSA Commission

7/Sophie Neville / United Kingdom

Name of the project: Makorongo and Co.

8/ Anne kirya /Uganda
Name of the project: The incredible adventures of Kakai

9/Vanessa Horn/ USA

Name of the project: Short story collection

10/ Annie Percik / United Kingdom

Name of the project: Changing Colours

11/Nicole Hazan / Israel

Name of the project: Choking Water (novel in progress)

12/ Name: Sarah Lipton/ England

Name Of Project: ‘Crossing Time.’

13/ Jonathan Gurling / UK

Name of the Project:  In the Shadow of the Rock

14/ Name: Lauren Pope / Scotland

Name of the project: “Allow Me This.”

15/ Caroline Schiller / Germany

Name of the project: “The Five Fighters – Rise of the Reptzas”

16/ Sara Dunham / USA

Name of Project: International Ghost Story Collection

17/ Lucy Grace/ United Kingdom

Name of Project:  ‘Near Me Now’.

18/ Robin Martin / USA

Name of Project: Lizardmaid


All writers have to make their choice between February 10tht – April 30th 2019 

They can pick their week(s) in the periods

1 / MARCH 23 – JUNE 29


Every week starts on Saturday and ends the following Friday

Congrats to all winners & Many thanks to all participants to our first program. We had to choose the maximum 20 writers…