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Eyelands.gr literary magazine in collaboration with Strange Days Books  organize an annual international short story competition, which is the only international short story contest based in Greece. Every year, writers from all the continents of the world participate in it. The competition consists of two categories; Greek and International (for the international section we only accept stories in English).

The competition has been running continuously for the past seven years, offering hundreds of writers the opportunity to see their short story printed in one of our collections, created through the contest entries. For many of these writers it is the first time that a story of theirs is printed in a book or featured online. The jury reads all submissions blind.
The English section of the competition has been recognized as a truly reliable, fair and serious short story competition. Every year, many reputable websites post the announcement of our contest, which has earned its reputation year after year, by honoring all its promises, following the rules meticulously and meeting all criteria that allow a contest to gain respect and recognition on an international level.




Seven years since the beginning of our annual international short story competition, which is the only international short story contest based in Greece, we decided to run a new international contest for flash fiction. We hope it will be as successful as our first one and gain the same respect and recognition on an international level whilst giving more writers the opportunity to see their work published in Greek and enjoy a holiday in Crete!

e-mail:  eyelandsmag@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyelands.portal



Strange Days Books is a cooperative publishing organization based in Crete, Greece.
We publish books by young (or not so young) writers from Greece but we also publish books by writers from around the world. Strange Days Books & eyelands.gr coordinate for seven consecutive years now, the only international short story contest based in Greece.  We publish low cost digital editions and our books are distributed mainly through the internet but also through bookstores and cooperative bookshops. Some of our publications are already available in kindle format from amazon.com and in e-book format from smashwords.com
Strange Days Books also publish books by foreign authors – first release – directly in English!

Strange Days Books is an entirely independent publisher, primarily interested in showcasing the wealth of the new writing voices of Greece. We work closely with our authors in order to create books that will appeal to booklovers, books about the present, books contemporary readers can relate to, books that strive to push the art of literature forward, books written with talent and passion, books that challenge the way we see the world, books that burst with new ideas and intriguing perspectives, books that have something to say and were not written for merely commercial purposes. In other words, we create books with character together, steadily growing into a community of artists and art-lovers that represent and promote the truly new literature of Greece, not only through publishing, but also through a literary festival, the only international short story competition in Greece, theatrical play and novel competitions, book events and more.
Every summer we organize Sand Festival – a literary festival held literally on the sand of one of the Greek Islands.  The first and second one (2015, 2016) took place on the island of Gavdos (Libyan sea) and the third (2017) on the island of Koufonissi (Aegean sea)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAddress: Chimarras 6, Rethymno, 74100, tel: +283154166
email:  info@paraxenesmeres.gr


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169β.JPGAndriana Minou is a Greek writer/musician based in London since 2004. She holds a PhD in Piano Performance Practice (Goldsmiths, University of London) and has presented her academic work in conferences in London and Paris, Centre Pompidou. Her work as a writer has been published in Greek and English by Strange Days Books (Greece), Story Brewhouse (U.S.A.), Verbivoracious Press (U.K.) and has also been included in many literary journals, such as rattle journal, FIVE:2:ONE, the paper nautilus, typehouse magazine and more. She has translated the novel ‘The Baby Jazz’ by Gregory Papadoyiannis (Fomite Press, 2017), while she is currently translating the novel ‘Sniff’ by the same author. She frequently translates her own works from Greek to English and vice versa for the purposes of performances, operas, films, musical theatre shows and music albums that have been presented worldwide (U.K., U.S.A., the Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Portugal etc). www.andrianaminou.com

20170914_140305Gregory Papadoyiannis graduated from the Law and Journalism Schools, studied cinema direction and worked at newspapers, magazines, radio and television, initially as a sports editor and later as a columnist and editor. At the same time, he worked as a translator of literature books in collaboration with several publishing houses and translated books by William Faulkner, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London, Marc Twain etc. into Greek. In 1991, he was awarded the national prize for young playwrights at the competition of the Ministry of Culture for his play The situations. He was awarded the second prize twice at the same competition, in 1995 and 1999. He has translated theatrical plays by authors such as David Mamet and Tennessee Williams for the purposes of performances in prestigious theatres of Athens. He has also worked as a director’s assistant at the National Theatre of Greece as well as the Theatre of Thessaly. He is the curator for the only Greece-based international short story competition, run by http://www.eyelands.gr . He also co-ordinates and leads a series of workshops on creative and collaborative writing all over Greece. After living in Athens for several years, he now lives in the island of Crete. He currently works as a translator and editor for Strange Days Books Publishing (www.strangedaysbooks.gr )

50.jpgMaria Psoma Petridou  was born and lives in Thessaloniki – Greece. She is an english teacher. She has published two poetry collections, “Lifetime Service” 2006, “A second pair of wings” 2010. She writes poetry & fiction in greek and in english. In 2006 she was awarded the 2nd prize for her poem “The Bate” from the Greek – Australian Cultural League of Melbourn, in 2009 the 2nd prize: Antonis Samarakis for her story: “Even if it’s found it will chase me”. A lot of her work has been published in Literature Magazines in Greece and on the internet. She is the judge of the International Short Story Contest since 2014.  Maria teaches Creative Writing. For the past six years, she has been the co-ordinator of a book club and of a writers’ meet up. For the past four years she’s been a collaborator in http://www.eyelands.gr as well as a judge of its poetry and story competitions.

2.jpgAntonis Tsirikoudis was born in Komotini (North Greece) in 1976. After having spent many years abroad, he is currently living and working on Crete. He has a degree in Philosophy and a MA in Special Education. Antonis speaks English, Spanish and some Russian. Several of his short stories have been selected in literature contests and published. He recently completed writing a novel as part of a collective and has translated Diana Torres’ poems for the anthology “Poetry from the end of the petroleum era”, published by Paraxenes Meres. He is also experimenting with scriptwriting and theatre. ‘’When you least expect it’’ is his first book. He is one of the co-founders of Sand Festival and recently he was the judge of our short story contest about the city of Heraclion.