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ανοιξη - για αφίσα

 The contest runs from January 10th through March 20th, 2019

The theme of the contest this year is Spring

First prize: A week holiday at Three Rock Writers resort οn the island of Crete

Three prize winners: publication in anthology, handmade ceramic gift, certificate, complimentary copy of the anthology plus a week holiday at Three Rock Resort with a discount 50% from the regular cost (non obligatory)..

Shortlisted stories: Publication in anthology

Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis

Collaboration: (online literature magazine) & Strange Days Books (publishing firm)

Entry fee: 10€



* Theme of the contest: «Spring».

*Entries must be short stories, of any genre, maximum length is 500 words and must be previously unpublished in a book, printed magazine or web-based journal. Entries must be in English

*This is an international contest. There is no restriction such as nationality etc of the author, but you have to be 18 years old on the 11th of January 2019 to enter the contest  –unless there is a parental approval.

* No “eyelands” editor, judge, or relative of theirs, is allowed to enter.

* Entries must be submitted electronically (see below).

* Winners and the short list to be announced on June 10th, 2019

* Copyright of manuscripts remains to the author.

* In addition to the story being published on, the author’s acceptance of the prize gives the right to include the story in the anthology that will appear in book form. Entry gives permission to include the three prize winners and the shortlisted stories in the book which will be published and will be available from “Strange Days” publications.

*Each writer may submit as many stories as they wish, provided they pay a separate entry fee for each story, but only one story of every writer may be included in the short list

* Simultaneous entries are allowed (same piece of work simultaneously entered in other competitions) but you must alert us if your work is placed as a winner or runner up, and your entry will be withdrawn from the competition.

You may voluntarily withdraw your entry from this competition by request via email.

You as the author will retain copyright, but you must allow us temporary and exclusive publishing rights for our anthology if requested.

Withdrawn submissions (for any reason) will not be refunded.

You may be disqualified if any of the rules are not followed.  We will accept corrections to your work from 10th of June till 10th of July.

All prize-winners and shortlisted writers have to renew their approval for the publishing of the anthology till the end of August 2019.



– First prize is a week holiday at Three Rock Resort, situated in Triopetra beach, one of the most magnificent places of Greece at the south coast of Crete island,) is a studio for 2 persons. Air tickets not included.

First prize winner can choose his/her preferred week of his/her stay in 2019 or 2020 except for the dates between July 1st  – August 25th.

Three more prizes will get a free copy of the book with the winning stories of our contest & a certificate & a Greek handmade ceramic designed especially for the contest from the collection of Artifacts Clayart.

There is also another offer for the three prize winners: a week holiday at Three Rock Resort with a discount 50% from the regular cost (the offer is non obligatory).

All the shortlisted stories (number according to the submissions) will be published in an anthology. The book will be released through “Strange Days” publications and  in October, 2019. All the shortlisted writers will also get a free copy of the book! The anthology also include the first prize story translated to Greek.

All the shortlisted writers will have a special discount in case they will submit a book for the Eyelands Book Awards 2019 (25 instead of 35 $)


Pay via paypal – See the banner in eyelands Home Page.

Click the «buy now» button. Fill the description with: Dreams

Entry fee is 10 euros

Τhere is also the option to make the entry payment via bank/wire transfer. If you choose this option please ask for further details

* After the payment is complete, you can send an e-mail with your story attached in word doc /docx format to:


writing in the subject line: Eyelands Flash Fiction Contest or EFFC

*An email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent within three /four days of receiving your e-mail.

*We don’t accept postal entries

* Name, nationality and address of the author are to be submitted in a separate attachment accompanying the entry.


Τhree-Rock is a unique studio with a design that combines a touch from the ’60s with the current look and you can also find all the necessary amenities of a modern tourist accommodation. Designed to accommodate two to four people, the studio is one very large furnished room of 70 sq.m., (with a separate bathroom) with a lot of space which allows you to cook, dine, relax all day if you want and can simply and easily be tailored to your taste. The studio has a large terrace (about 25 square m.) at the front, facing the sea, and a back terrace facing east with a view to the hills. The distance from the beach is just 250 meters.

According to several guidebooks and websites, Triopetra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete -and Greece. But it remains a beach that is not known to many people. It has fans (from Greece and abroad) who visit it each year and their number is increasing steadily. Still, it remains a kind of unexplored paradise. Guests are able to enjoy a beach that is never crowded, even in the heart of summer, as the length of Triopetra beach is about two kilometers! The beach is an undiscovered paradise, has restaurants, a cafe and a beach bar as well as (free) umbrellas and lounges for those who prefer them. Triopetra beach is also known for yoga courses delivered during the summer months in the surrounding area. Triopetra is situated at the very centre of the island (south part) and that means you can see many interesting places (like Phaistos, Agia Galini, Matala, Preveli) in relatively short distance.



EYELANDS english section

STRANGE DAYS BOOKS (Greek)  (English)


*cover painting by Andriana Minou

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meFirst prize: Overweight – Renate Schiansky

Second prize: Dandelion -Olga Zilberbourg
Third prize: A Chance for Better Weather – Randolph Smith
Special distinction*: Moony Mindset – Elisabeth Wirtz

 SHORT LIST (by submission date)

luggagesOne’s company – Michael Whitehead
United kingdom
Light Travel -Ewa Mazierska
United kingdom
nderground – Claire Basarich
United kingdom
Just a Coincidence – Pam Corsie
United Kingdom
Balloon- Dreena Collins
United Kingdom
Luggage – Kira Chew
United kingdom
The carpetbagger -Mary D’Arcy
Perfect man- Anna Killick
New Zealand
Life Boats 14 and 15 – Alfred Louis Cucchiara
Impedimenta -Graham Twist
United Kingdom
Hallway Suitcases – Emily Tsatmas
The woman in the travel goods  – Tabetha Rogers Beggs
Burdened Luggage – Nneka Anieze
Picking mushrooms – Justin Jones
New Zealand
The “heavy” life of a packaholic! – Susanne Kirchner
James and the luggage – Anand Birju
United Kingdom
Luggage – Bethany Pritchard
United Kingdom
Of burden and loss – Sebastian Günnel
The world within a suitcase – Leanne Ma
Hong Kong
What she carried – Ruth Knafo Setton
Luggage – Maria Espinosa
Luggage Heist – Melvin Ward
United Kingdom
Long Necked Guitar – Sue Worth
United Kingdom
25 Years of Marriage – Sharon Stevens
United Kingdom
Lost and Found – Jill Yates
United Kingdom
The five bags that make a life -Katie Parry
United Kingdom
Finding the way – C.I. Selkirk
United Kingdom
Banana Bread – Claire Zalla
Suitcases and Handkerchiefs – Sarah Jarvis
United Kingdom

luggage english letters σμολ




Coconut octopus – Mandy-Suzanne Wong


 Equivalent PRIZES

Dream a Little Dream -D.J. Kramer


Dream companion/ Paul Budd

United Kingdom

Nostalgia Dreaming – Nicolle Rotilli Serra

United Kingdom


dream-s1SHORT LIST

( by submission date)

Charles Osborne – The wild one

United Kingdom

 01/30/2018 – Francesca Zanoni


Nancy Sweetland – The Hunter


Caroline Schiller – The lake


Minae Lee – Somnias Ergo Sum

United States

Corey Burger – Letter to Momma


Jesse Kominers –  Heads


Dreaming – Hannah Evans.

United Kingdom

The cornflower field – Silvia Kočková       


Premonition – Charlotte Joy Platt

United Kingdom

Restless – Dean Moses


Little Nightmares – Penelope Laurence


An eternal respite – Jean-Philip Kieven


Foreign Delights – Fionnlagh Donnan

New Zeland

In Dreams – Ian Riddle

United Kingdom

Missing Dreams – Larry Kerr


Beneath The Veil Of Memory – Ryan Taylor

United Kingdom

My falling down house – Despoina Charalampidi


He and she – Tom Larsen


Psilocybin Wings – Conor Montague


His First Knowing Dream in Colour – Laura Muetzelfeldt

United Kingdom

Utnapishtim- Antonio Fadda


Imprisoned – Vanessa Horn

United Kingdom

Engendered’- Justin Rulton

United Kingdom

The milk try man – Ruth Greenwood

Isle of Man

A Haunting Nightmare – Tashi Chaturvedi


Óneira Glyká -Denise Bayes


The Figher Pilot’s Nightmare  – PJ Stephenson


Capulana – Muff Andersson

South Africa

Only a Dream- Masarra Kahwaji

United Kingdom

Cristina Popov – The Morpheus Report


The Girl – Bernadette Gibson

United Kingdom

The River God – Olly Lavery

United Kingdom

The Caged Hummingbird – Julie Appleby


A dream alone – Kate Bolster

Saudi Arabia

We ache, yet we glow – Ameera Fakir

South Africa

Dr Oneironaut Makes Rounds – John Graham-Pole


Beaches are for dreaming- Nico Ordeyo


Dream / less- Wiam Alnajjar


Before, After, Always- Gillian Clifton

United Kingdom



Eyelands International Short Story Contest  7 / 2017

strange love affairs

Eyelands International Short Story Contest  6 / 2016

stories in colour κοβερ

Eyelands International Short Story Contest  5/ 2015

borderline stories small

Eyelands International Short Story Contest  4 / 2014


Eyelands International Short Story Contest  3 / 2013

eyelands 2.jpg First Prize:     Barney’s corner, Giouli Anastasopoulou / Greece   

Second Prize:  Maria’s birthday, Archontoula Diavati / Greece

Third Prize:    The trains game, Argiro Margariti/ Greece
  Islands, Marija Nezirovic / Croatia

Distinctions:   World Revolution 15 October 2011, Hobgoblin/Greece
Achilleas and Tortoise, Seth Libby/ USA


Eyelands International Short Story Contest  2 / 2012
Theme: «Greece»
(Judge: Stella Fitzsimons) Paul Adkin

-First prize: “Kalimera”, by  Paul Adkin

Second Prize: “Love, Cake & Greece”,  by Sarah Winstanley

Third Prize: “Perseverance”, by Monique Hayes

Fourth Prize: Α Penny Saved, by Mike Berlin

* All the prize winner’s stories, will be published in our  anthology «Stories about Greece».

** All the above will also receive a book or a special gift and a free copy of the book with the winning stories, plus a confirmation letter.

Honourable Mentions: “Ithaka, not Ithaka”,  by Sue J Schilperoort
“Albie’s Treasure”, by Steve Dodd
“The Missed Connection”, by  Damien Prior

Honourable Mentions: online publication, on ( storyland/ short stories)  plus a confirmation letter.

Eyelands International Short Story Contest  1 / 2011


EYELANDS Short Story Contest
We are looking for:   A 2011 STORY
The contest is open from April 14, 2011 to August 14, 2011

First prize: a Νotebook
Second prize: a Digital Video Camera
Third prize: a Digital Photo Camera

* Plus 4 Honorable Mentions
* All the stories from the short list will be published in an book – an eyelands edition
* The writers of the sort list will also receive a book as a special gift and a free copy of the book with the winning stories.
* No entry fee is required!

Eyelands Short Story Contest – Results

A 2011 STORY
First prize: – Netbook
Lifetimes in Between -Natasha Ali – Pakistan
Second Prize – Digital video camera
I’ll remember for ever – Eustathios Gaitanides- Greece
Third Prize – Digital Photo Camera
Songs we forget, songs we remember  –  Lane Ashfeldt – Great Britain
Honourable Mentions
Adries Tatane story, Karen Jennings – South Africa
Island with a drunken seagull as a lighthouse, Maria Olimpiou –Cyprus
From the beginning, Adamantia Bampoula – Greece
Special Honourable Mention  & Special Distinction for U18 category (Greece)
A diary from the past,  Anastassia Repouliou – Greece
Dinstinctions & Publishing
A squall of sentiments, Giannis Panagiotou – Greece
On my way,   Imaculate R. Mosha   – Tanzania
Whatever You Want,           Kate Baggott            –  Canada/Germany
🙂          – Giorgos Ampatzides – Greece
The battle of the parking place,     Patsy Collins – Great Britain
On the beach, Vassilis Martsakis – Greece
Pile up,          Mary Hodges – Great Britain-

Special Distinction for U18 category (international)
Memories,  Sarah Asif  – Australia